Siantell Gold Magnetic White Board with Stand for Desktop


Siantell Gold Magnetic White Board with Stand for Desktop


Transform your workspace and boost your productivity with the Siantell Dry Erase Board with Stand Premium Pack! Our 16 x 12" double-sided whiteboard comes packed with everything you need for success, including a magnetic monthly calendar, motivational magnets, adhesive hooks, cleaning cloth and a marker. It's not just a whiteboard – it's your daily motivation booster and organizational lifesaver. With its upgraded 360° adjustable knob and elegant aluminum stand, this board combines functionality with style. Elevate your productivity and creativity to new heights with this versatile and essential tool.


Unleash Your Potential: Discover the Siantell Dry Erase Board Premium Pack!

Get ready to revolutionize your workspace with the Siantell Dry Erase Board! This all-in-one kit combines functionality, style, and versatility to help you achieve your goals with ease. From its magnetic features to its adjustable stand and elegant design, this board is a game-changer for anyone looking to boost productivity and stay organized. Watch our presentation video to learn more about how Siantell can transform your daily routine.


Our Siantell Dry Erase Board with Stand features an upgraded 360° adjustable knob and an aluminum stand for maximum versatility. The adjustable knob allows you to customize the board's angle to suit your needs, while the aluminum stand adds durability and elegance to your workspace. Make your space truly shine!


Whether you're studying, planning, or brainstorming, our double-sided whiteboard is perfect for any task. Use it as a magnetic calendar, a motivational board with our included magnets, or simply as a blank canvas for your ideas. With its lightweight and adaptable design, it seamlessly transitions from wall-hung to desk-standing for ultimate.


Transforming your space has never been easier. Simply hang it on the wall, cabinet, or door using the adhesive hooks provided – no screws or fuss required. The board's rounded corners and anti-slip bumpers ensure safety and stability, while its compact size makes it ideal for any environment. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to creativity with Siantell.

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