Siantell Set of Monthly & Memo Magnetic Acrylic Calendar for Fridge


Siantell Set of Monthly & Memo Magnetic Acrylic Calendar for Fridge


Simplify your family's organization with the Siantell Magnetic Acrylic Calendar for Fridge set. This kit includes a clear dry erase board, acrylic calendar, magnetic marker, dry eraser, magnets, sticky notes, hooks, and protection patches. Whether coordinating chores, schedules, or events, this calendar offers versatility and convenience. Keep your family on track and your home running smoothly with Siantell.


Effortless Organization: Introducing the Siantell Magnetic Acrylic Calendar for Fridge Set

Discover the ultimate solution for staying organized with the Siantell Magnetic Acrylic Calendar for Fridge set! This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to streamline your daily routines and manage your tasks with ease. Watch our presentation video to learn more about how Siantell can transform your organization game and elevate your space.


Crafted from sturdy, high-quality acrylic, the Siantell clear magnetic dry erase board for fridge boasts a sleek and transparent design that complements any kitchen decor. With its scratch-resistant, breakage-proof construction and smooth edges, it won't harm your fridge and provides a visually pleasing experience while helping you plan your daily life effortlessly.


Whether you have a magnetic fridge or not, this acrylic calendar is suitable for use on multiple surfaces, including treated wood and faience. Its robust magnetic force ensures it stays firmly attached to your fridge and the adhesive hooks ensure stickiness on any other surface, providing a reliable tool for planning your daily life and keeping your household running smoothly.


The set includes two reusable sticky notes, providing a convenient solution for jotting down quick reminders, grocery lists, or important tasks. Made from durable and washable material, these sticky notes can be easily repositioned and reused multiple times without losing their adhesive properties, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper sticky notes.

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